About the council and list of Councillors

The Parish Council is made up of seven councillors. A Chairman and Vice Chairman is elected every year at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. All councillors are volunteers and receive no payment for their time spent undertaking council business.

The Clerk is employed on a paid, part-time basis.

The Council holds a monthly meeting on the first Monday of the month, apart from January and September. There can be additional extra ordinary meetings if urgent business arises between meeting such as planning applications to discuss and comment on,

Funding for the council comes mainly from a precept raised from the residents council tax. The council also receives income from some land, which is currently rented out to a tenant.

From 8.5.23, your Councillors are:

Chairperson: Sandra Brigham

Vice-Chairperson Steve Baxter

Simon Collingwood

Bruce Leggott

Sally Smith

Ian Mills

Kim Redhead